SYMYB has dedicated a concerted effort in these last years and specially in these last months working in the field of the quality, and approaching us the commitment to offer the best quality in our products, to achieve the best for ourselves, our employees, our clients, and in general the community whose our products are destined.

We are conscious that in a global world, the quality is not just a contractual requirement, is now a moral obligation.
That is why, we are committed in our continuous persistence to satisfy every client and final goods and services receivers, what at last means YOU.

We have certified our Assurance Quality System according to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016

Also convinced by our moral commitment with social responsibility, we have implanted a professional ethical code inspired by the SGE 21 policy, and certify our Environment Managing System under ISO 14001:2015

We also count with the most sophisticated machinery for 2D and 3D measurement, within 1micron, for assure customer specifications are reached.

Delivery milk run, JIT & EDI

We are committed to develop the best practices that are being conducted in the leading companies in the world.

For this goal, we imported from Japan the Lean Manufacturing as the way to produce, focusing systems to ensure measures and positioning “poka yoke”, production flow pull “kamban”, and targeting in cleanness. Cleanness in the measure our brain is able to separate concepts.

Our process and tooling design offers the minimum “muda”, due to they are developed in 5’S (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) lied out.

We dispatch every day JIT the products our customers required via EDI as they “pull” us in the Milk Run, where they stocked in consignment. This is the most sophisticated customer-care condition.

And we do it daily!

Take a walk to your “Gemba”!


Apart of our projects, we also manage other evolutions, as:

A. Stamping directly FLUXED RAW MATERIAL

SYMYB S.L. was pioneer in stamping fluxed materials. The coils are supplied by Aleris, and delivered to a painter supplier to flux them one of their faces.

Then the fluxed coils are blanked by a conventional tooling but a special process in our premises. Nowadays 2 fluxed references are being conducted in this way. We have adapted one line to accept this fluxed coils.


With our compromise of developing solutions from design, we collaborate with our customers Engineering Dpt. to find the solution that today is mounted in every car, saving from the entire design around one euro per piece from the initial proposal design.

F. Lots of others