SYMYB is a large tradition (from 1964) technological and productive company specialized in metal stamping and in designing and developing technology in tooling and processes for the automotive market among others sited in Catalonia (Spain). Our 50 years of experience as well as the close cooperation with our customers and internal R&D efforts explain that in the last 5 years, SYMYB had designed and developed tooling and processes which reduced the investment in tooling (-89% to -96%), manufacturing cost (-10%) and scrap (-55%). We count with the highest technology in measure control machines such as a Machine 3D Pioneer, a portable Faro Prime 3D Arm and a Baty 2D CNC Video Viewer. We have certified our quality and safety practices by ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016 and ISO14001:2015.

Nowadays we are dedicated to the METALLIC STAMPING and TOOLING design and has our social address in L’Arboç within the El Foix Industrial Area, c/Ferro 20.

Our new premises in L’Arboç del Penedès have 2.400 m2 -28.000 sqft down the roof within a 4.300 m3 -50.000 sqft estate. Inside we allocate 6 automatic feeding lines, up to 315 tons – 700.000 pounds of displacement at 130 cicle/min, other 6 manually feeding presses and other auxiliary machinery.

Our catalogue is available in 5 languages, German, English, French, Spanish and Catalan, here below:

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